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About us:

The Music Coalition is an alliance of top music-makers and music marketers forged to ensure that the best in recorded music is effectively and creatively delivered to the worldwide marketplace. We provide trademark and established recording artists with turnkey marketing and distribution of their recorded work and with consultation services about the marketing and distribution their recorded work.

The Music Coalition restores a spirit to the music industry that seems long lost and yet longed-for: the true spirit of collaboration in which the artist and the marketer are equally committed to the music. The creativity and talent of each artist is met fairly and respectfully with the savvy and determination of our marketing and distribution team to bring each artist's recorded work to a worldwide audience. This collaborative spirit is reflected in all aspects of The Music Coalition's operations - from marketing and communications to philanthropy and business affairs.

Capitalizing on the wide range of expertise available through our prestigious team of veteran music marketing executives, strategic partners, and advisors, The Music Coalition offers unparalleled promotional and marketing resources to participating established and trademark artists without cobbling them with the cost of supporting an expensive delivery infrastructure.

Every artist working with The Music Coalition is ensured a customized and personally supervised campaign by leading industry professionals to achieve the best possible marketing and distribution of the artist's recorded music. Each release is a priority for The Music Coalition. For every release, best practices in traditional marketing to click and mortar sites are married with inventive lifestyle and ancillary promotional strategies to reach music-loving consumers in all aspects of their daily lives.